We supply our Products to Many Major and small petrochemical / industrial / Construction companies in Saudi Arabia & Middle east.

Our Main clients list includes ARAMCO, SABIC and its All Affiliates , Royal Commission, Marafiq, SWCC, SECO, etc.

Sl. # Project / End User Product Description
1 SABIC - Affiliates SCADA Control Panel, Explosion Proof Panels, DDC panels, Distribution Panels etc.
2 Royal Commission HVAC Control Panels, AHU Control Panels, Distribution, Panels etc.
3 HADEED CCL Project,  DDC & HVAC Control Panels
3  GCCIA Project – Gulf  grid
Al-Faisalieh Substation,  Petrorabigh
DDC & HVAC Control Panels, Explosion proof panels
4 TASNEE Petrochemicals Main Distribution Metering Panels
5 Qatar Petroleum, Saudi Aramco –LUBREF, KAFJI  KJO
KNPC, Kuwait
Communication Control Panel, Radar Tank Gauging Panel
6 HADEED – Roll shop Automation Control Panel
7 AL KHAFJI JOINT OPERATION-OFFSHORE RIG - HOERBIGER SERVICES Middle East FZE MCC Panel Expansion and  Power  & Control  Cabling
8 Swez  Energy / HHI,  Marafiq Project Alarm control panel, MCC, Change Over Panel
9 KAYEN Petrochemical, Jubail HVAC Control panel
10 BILFAL / Belleli Industries Furnace MCC Control Panel, Grit Blasting MCC Panel
11 United Gulf Steel Plant Main Distribution Panels, Bus Bar Junction Boxes, MCC, Control Panels
12 HADEED CCL Project
Rabigh new plant
Transformer Panel, Control Panel, MDP
14 National Commercial Bank HVAC Control Panels, AHU Control Panels, Distribution Panels
15 SCECO DC Control Panels, DC Converter Control Panels, Distribution Panels
16 AR-RASI, SABIC Explosion Proof Control Panel
17 MARAFIQ, Gulf Farabi Petrochemicals, Al-Bayroni HVAC Control Panels
18 APCC, Jubail Main Power Distribution  Panels
20 SABIC –SABIC Marketing warehouse Motor Control Centre, Control Panel
21 TASNEE Ethylene Project, APCC Jubail AR-RAZI Control Panels, Distribution Control Panel
22 Rabigh Project  for Kettaneh International HVAC  Panels ATS, Distribution panels etc.
23 SWCC Control Panels, Distribution Panels
Distribution Panels, Control panels etc.
26 NISSAN Showroom Distribution Panel
27 PETROKEMYA Explosion Proof Control Panels
32 ARAMCO Communication Control Panels
34 SASREF Distribution Control Panels
35 SWCC, Min. Of Water Automatic Transfer Switch, Control Panels
37 KEMYA Control Panels, Main Distribution Panels
38 KFUPM Distribution Panel Boards
39 Coast Guard Project, Dhaharan Air Force Base Project Motor Control Center, Distribution panels
40 Saudi Chevron VFD Control Panels
41 Pedestrian bridge project-Dammam, Various Const. projects Power & Lighting control panel, Control panels etc.
42 ARAMCO MTS Panel, Socket panels , MDP etc.
43 PANDA SUPER MARKET, Al-Huwaylat Center-Jubail Main Distribution Metering Panels
47 SCECO, Schneider Electric –INMA  Technologies Battery Charger Panels, Battery Monitoring Panels, DC Distribution Panels
49 YANBU Ind. College Expansion - Rezyat Company HVAC and Pump Control Panels
Inspection Building Dhahran
Distribution & Control Panels
Distribution Panels & Control Panels, MTS Panels,2000A
52 HAMTE Camp Main Distribution Panels
53 Yanbu Plant Project, Royal Commission, SABIC Main Distribution & Control Panels
54 SAUDI VOEST-ALPINE Pump Control Panel
55 Saudi Polyolefins Company (TASNEE) Explosion proof panel
56 ISCOSA Metering Distribution Panel
57 AR-RAZI  V Junction box –Transformer, Control Panel
58 Mubaraz, Saudi Aramco Pump Control Panels, In NEMA 4X
61 Binzagar Factory ACB  Panel   3250A
62 MANIFA -ARAMCO Distribution & Control Panels
65 Sharq Foster Wheeler U & O Project, SHARQ 3rd Expansion Stainless Steel, Junction boxes, Distribution Panels
66 SHARQ 3rd Expansion Control panels
67 Irrigation System Main distribution panels
68 Royal Commission, Fuel & Feedstock pipeline for Jubail 2 Explosion proof Panels, Distribution & control panels
69 MARAFIQ Change over panel, 2000A
70 United Lube Oil Company Ltd. (UNILUBE) Motor control panel, Distribution panel, Annunciator panels
71 HADEED (SABIC) Back up power Project, ATS panels – Installation , Commissioning
72 SCECO Distribution panels
73 MARAFIQ IWPP, SIDEM Distribution & Control Panel Boards
74 Road Linking Ras Al-Khair Phase –I, Royal Commission NEMA 4X Lighting Control Panels
75 Jubail University College infrastructure,Royal Commission NEMA 4X Lighting Distribution Panels
76 Ras Al-Zour Project facilities Change over panels, MDB
77 SAMSUNG Naffoura Techno Valley Project MCC, Distribution Panels
78 KFIP Berths Phase – I, Royal Commission Explosion Proof Panels
79 NCP Warehouse –Jubail Commercial Port MDB, Control Panels
80 Wessa Wells SCADA System System Integration Panels